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System Certification

Our auditors have a wealth of knowledge and experience, and are well aware of customers' feelings. They can accurately standardize standards and guide you through the site smoothly...

Product Certification

Organic products are the highest level of food requirements, the production process does not use pesticides, fertilizers, hormones and other artificial synthetic substances of environmental protection safe food.

Forest Certification

Forest Chain of Custody certification can trace the origin of raw materials and their circulation process, and is committed to promoting the sustainable management and development of forests.

Service Certification

In recent years, the Chinese government attaches great importance to the development of service industry and has taken a series of policy measures to promote the development of modern service industry. During the establishment of the service system, through research, consultation, evaluation and other activities

Information Security Certification

The international organization for standardization (ISO) and international electrotechnical commission (IEC) on October 15, 2005, jointly issued the international standard ISO/IEC 27001 information technology - security techniques - information security management system - requirements "...

Food Safety Certification

The food safety management system standard GB/ t22000-2005 / iso22000:2005 is a precautionary system based on the presupposition scheme (PRP) and the HACCP plan to control hazards

Energy management system

On December 31, 2012, China promulgated the "energy management system requirements", the standard reference to the success of quality management system, environmental management system model, according to the characteristics of the energy management and special requirements...

Intellectual Property Certification

According to the principles of science, simplification and intensification, voluntary certification business is divided into three levels: "certification category", "certification field" and "certification project"

EU organic product certification

March 2018 KCB and agricert-certificate a???? O DE PRODUTOS ALIMENTARES LDA signed organic product certification and

Technical Service

The integration of information technology and industrialization is called "integration of the two". Led by the ministry of industry and information technology of the People's Republic of China (miit), the integration of industrialization and informatization has been created by manufacturing enterprises to meet the development trend of in-depth integration of "industrialization" and "informatization"

Record Business

SA8000 Social Accountability Management System certification It is the world's first international standard of ethics

AAACredit Rating

With the development of market economy in our country, the credit rating certificate to become a widespread concern, AAA credit grade certificate of classification are: credit rating, level of qualification certificates, contracts and keep promise...
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